As of Jan 1st, 2012 updated child car seat safety regulations come into force. If you want to give away or resell car seats or booster seats made before January 1, 2012, we ask that you contact the manufacturer to determine if the car seat meets the updated requirements. The manufacturer is currently best able to determine the seat's compliance. This information should be placed into the ads below. If the seat is not compliant please note that the seat can't be resold or given away. For more information please call Health Canada 1-866-662-0666.

Please pay careful attention when purchasing a used car seat. Here are some tips to consider: Does the car seat have a National Safety Mark? Is there an instruction booklet? Is the car seat appropriate for the development, weight and height of your child? If the car seat has an expiry date, will the time period cover your needs? Can the car seat be installed correctly in your vehicle? Are the harness and tether straps easy to adjust? Are all of the pieces present with the seat? Has it been the subject of any recalls? Ask the seller if its been in any collisions, however minor, or dropped from a height of three or more feet? Has the seller made any alterations, changed the routing of the straps or added any extra pieces? More info can be found at the Transport Canada website.

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